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Warren Nairn -
Paediatrics Nurse

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Every family has its unique story. Here at Christchurch Hospital, we see children from all walks of life. Their backgrounds and health needs may be different, but what they all have in common is the pressure that being in hospital places on them and their families.

As a paediatric nurse, I know that many of the procedures which are normal to us can seem traumatic to a child, and to their family. It’s our job to remove some of that stress, and we rely in a big part on our environment to help us do that.

We know that the less anxiety felt by a child, the better the recovery. Research clearly shows that children cope better with the stress of going to hospital if we can involve play during their stay, and when the environment is family friendly.

With the support of the Māia Health Foundation, our new hospital building will be exceptionally child-focused. From engaging theming carried across all of the zones a child might visit, to greatly enhanced play and activity areas for infants through to teenagers, it’s going to be about creating warm, comforting and healing spaces.

Together, with your help, we can make a child’s own story just that little bit more okay.

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