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Mr Cyril Smith's legacy

A lasting gift for future generations

It was a legacy that Mr Cyril Smith left in his will – a wish for $2 million to go to the Burwood Spinal Unit that has changed the Burwood Spinal Unit in Christchurch for good. This bequest formed part of an incredible $20 million that Mr Smith left to 16 local charities.

After years of planning and a year of construction, the new Burwood Spinal Service building opened in late 2019.

“It was such a delight walking into our new facilities and having all these extras that just wouldn’t have been possible without Mr Smith’s bequest. We are incredibly grateful to Mr Smith and his family for the difference they have made,” says Burwood Spinal Unit Service Manager Liz Oliver.


Michael Flatman, CE of Māia Health Foundation agrees.

“Nothing in the health system comes cheap so to be able to take a really good service and to take it from good to great is just amazing and it’s all thanks to Mr Smith’s legacy,” says Michael.

You too can make a difference. A bequest – or gift in your will – is a promise made to give to a charity or organisation after death. The Māia Health Foundation invites you to make a difference for our community today and our communities of tomorrow by leaving a bequest to Māia.

We’d love to know if you are intending to leave a gift in your will. This will allow us most importantly, to say thank you.  Please contact Māia Health Foundation at any time in complete confidence and we can speak with you about the process of leaving a gift in your will. Phone us 03 378 6124.

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