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Garth's Story

“We are facing a crisis in child and youth mental health.  Our young people need us and Māia is leading the way.”

Garth Gallaway is not afraid of a challenge and neither is the Māia Health Foundation team he leads.

“The true meaning of Māia is to be brave and courageous and that is certainly what is required for this next project,” says Garth, Chair of the Māia Health Foundation.

Māia Health Foundation’s next mission is to raise at least $5 million for a new outpatient facility for Canterbury’s child and youth mental health service.

“It’s a game changing project which will have a far-reaching impact on our community for this generation and many generations to come.  We know it’s a big ask and it’s going to take all our strength, but if we don’t do it no one else will and our children and young people will suffer,” says Garth.

In 2019 the Government confirmed funding for the development of a new Integrated Family Services Unit at Hillmorton, which includes the Child, Adolescent and Family inpatient unit.  However there was no provision for a community-based outpatient facility.  This is despite a 140% increase in demand for child, adolescent and family mental health outpatient services since January 2018. 

“The current outpatient facilities at The Princess Margaret Hospital and Hillmorton campus are substandard.  They are old and inadequate and we have heard how they make young people feel when they need to go there, and their stories are chilling.

“We need a contemporary facility which is welcoming and recovery focused.  A place where children, young people and their families feel safe and respected.”

Garth says recent years have been tough on our children and young people with events such as the earthquakes, Port Hills fires, mosque shootings and subsequent school lockdowns and now COVID having an enormous impact on mental health needs.

“We have more children and young people than ever before reaching out for help – being brave and courageous in their search for support and wellness.  It’s time that we, as a community, took inspiration from their journey and made the brave and courageous step to support them.  That’s exactly what Māia is doing and we know that with our community alongside us, we can achieve this mission together.”


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