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About this project -

A rooftop terrace with potential

In the heart of the new Christchurch Hospital Hagley building, nestled on top of the podium between the ward towers, is a rooftop terrace area set aside for use as an outdoor green space. It has been fitted out with plain grey tiles and at the Hagley Park end, glass panels that provide an uninterrupted vista into the treetops of the park.

Spending time in nature is good for your health

Many of us are aware that living close to nature and spending time outside has significant and wide-ranging health benefits. What you might not know is that in a hospital environment research indicates that green spaces not only encourage relaxation and reduce stress levels but can also help with recovery and improve clinical outcomes.

Our vision is to transform the terrace into a beautiful green space

Tony Milne from Rough and Milne Landscape Architects, has generously donated his time and expertise to create a plan that transforms the terrace into a beautiful green space to enable our patients, their whānau, and our staff to enjoy the healing power of nature.

A combination of hard and soft landscaping brings colour, texture, and life to the space which includes a raised mound for children to play on, and a range of seating and table options to support people spending time together. Planting provides privacy for the wards that border the terrace, and a view of nature for those receiving care or working in the areas that surround and look down on to it. The plan also allows for patients in beds or wheelchairs to be bought out into the space to experience the garden and the view out into Hagley Park.


Please help our garden grow

We need the help of the wider Canterbury community to grow our garden into a reality. Together, we have the opportunity to create a small slice of paradise in the heart of a big busy hospital building dedicated to regeneration, healing, well-being, comfort and calm.

The cost to bring our garden to life is around $500,000. We have taken our first steps toward this with companies donating their time to help with design and pledging support to help bring the garden to life. We have also had a generous contribution towards the cost of the garden. A garden party event in October will help us further towards our goal.

Donations can be made here and select Terrace Garden for the drop down menu. 

If you would like more information on how you could help, please contact

A big thank you to those who have donated their time to support the design process, and who have pledged their support to help our garden grow: Tony Milne Landscape Architect; Rough and Milne Landscape Architects; Warren and Mahoney; RLB; Holmes Consulting; Canterbury DHB; Smith Cranes. 

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