We did it Canterbury, in fact we smashed the target. Thanks to each and every one of you ~ Happy New Year!
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Help us create a therapeutic facility for child and youth mental health

Māia Health Foundation is on a mission to raise $6 million for a modern, fit-for-purpose outpatient facility for child and youth mental health in Canterbury/Waitaha.

Currently our children are treated in some of the most broken buildings in our health system. Existing facilities at The Princess Margaret Hospital and Hillmorton campus need to be replaced. We need a modern, welcoming outpatient space to treat our children and young people.

It’s been an eventful decade. The earthquakes, Port Hills fires, mosque shootings, COVID and subsequent lockdowns have all played a major part in the fact more people than ever before need our help. In the last year alone, 4,614 tamariki and rangatahi were referred to our child, adolescent and family mental health service - that's around 385 new young people every month desperately needing help on top of the service's existing caseload.

These young people are being treated in facilities that are old and dark, with cramped consult rooms (that are actually former inpatient bedrooms) and within an unappealing environment. Our mental health workforce have treatments and therapies they would love to be able to offer, but can’t because the facilities don’t support it.

We need your help.

Māia Health Foundation is stepping up to be part of the solution. We’re on a mission to create a facility that is warm, welcoming, with spaces for different ages and needs, and an environment which shows our young people that they are part of a community that cares. We have a location confirmed and design is underway. We just need you.

Help us Shine A Light for our tamariki, rangatahi and their whānau. Help us Shine A Light for our mental health workforce. Help us Shine A Light for our community and its future.


Shining a Light on our Heroes

You never know when your tamariki, rangatahi, or someone you love, will be the one to access mental health care. Hear from our heroes why it’s vital we get a new outpatient facility for child and youth mental health. 

The difference a modern facility will make

It will be game-changing. This new facility will support a broader range of treatments and enable a more efficient and effective service, providing more young people with access to the help they need. The new facility will be warm and welcoming, with spaces designed to suit different ages, stages and needs. Our mental health workforce all agree this facility will result in better outcomes for patients. It will be life-changing.

Māia is delighted to have partnered with the Canterbury District Health Board to create this modern Child, Adolescent and Family mental health outpatient facility. Detailed design work is currently underway for the facility, which will be located at the former Canterbury Linen Services building, on the outskirts of the Hillmorton campus.

The statistics are sobering. The youngest person referred to our child and youth outpatient service was just two years old. Hundreds of young people every month are referred to the service, desperate for help from our dedicated mental health workforce. These young people are treated by amazing staff who care, but in facilities that tell a different story.

Māia is stepping up to be the difference for our young people. Shine your light and be part of a community that cares. Donate now.

We are Māia Health Foundation

Many New Zealanders will have the need for health services at certain times in their life. Ill-health does not discriminate, and well-being is important for everyone.

Māia Health Foundation is raising money for game-changing health projects for the South Island. Helping New Zealanders get the right care, at the right time and in the right place.

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*The Rainbow Children’s Trust, along with two other generous donors,  have promised to match any donation Māia Health Foundation receives through its 2021 Shine A Light appeal, up to the value of $150,000.