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An enhanced future-proof rooftop helipad

For the seriously ill and injured, 13 minutes feels like a very long time. This is the time it takes to transfer by ambulance to Christchurch Hospital, after landing in Hagley Park. It takes a similar amount of time to fly a patient from Akaroa to Christchurch.

Patients are flown to Christchurch from all over the South and lower North Island. The transfer process from Hagley Park is far from ideal, compromising both patient privacy, public safety, and draining resources.

Plans for Christchurch Hospital’s new building included a small rooftop helipad, however, demand for helicopter transfers is increasing. To keep up with growth and future-proof services a much bigger helipad was needed, as well as a clinical support unit on the helipad to provide immediate, lifesaving measures on touchdown. 

Māia has completed fundraising towards the project target of $2 million. Thanks to each individual, business, organisation, school and grant funder who helped us achieve this amazing target. By donating to the helipad project, you've helped to ensure these vital enhancements to the helipad are achieved. To take a trip down memory lane and recall the 13 minutes campaign of 2018 visit:



Helipad project details

  • Includes a rooftop clinical support unit for life-saving measures instantly on touchdown for trauma patients, and a quicker transition to full care for routine transfers
  • Accommodates larger long-range aircraft, allowing extended coverage across most of the South Island
  • Configured to cope with adverse weather conditions

The facts

  • Currently it takes on average 13 minutes to get from the Hagley Park helipad to hospital by ambulance
  • Approximately 800 landings a year
  • There has been approximately 40% increase in emergency landings and transfers over the past three years
  • Rooftop helipad eliminates double handling of patients and frees up ambulance and police resources
  • Quickens the pickup and unloading of a neonatal incubator by about one hour on a round trip

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