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Leaving a Gift

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A Gift in Your Will

Make a difference for our community today, our children, and our children’s children by leaving a gift in your will to the Māia Health Foundation.

Your special gift really will improve lives, providing the best in health services for your community into the future.

What is a bequest?

A bequest, a legacy or gift in your will is a promise you make to give money to an individual, charity or organisation after your death. 

You decide on what is included in your will. It is possible to look after loved ones and support causes or charities that are important to you, so that your legacy or vision lives on. 

By making a bequest, you take control of the legacy you leave. It is one of the most powerful gifts you can give. 

Why make a bequest?

Many people find peace and security in the knowledge that beyond their own lives, their legacy will live on and they will continue to make a difference.

Most people find the process empowering - it gives you the chance to make a long-term impact on the future and to realise your future vision.

Making a bequest is simple. It doesn't impact on your daily life and provides security that your generous spirit and vision will live on. 


If you would like more information about  including a gift in your will to Māia Health Foundation, read on, or contact Anna Galvan on 021 499 353.

Why make a bequest to Māia?

Māia Health Foundation is a trusted and respected organisation, one with a strong history of success. We don't just support one hospital or a single service - we support the entire health system in Canterbury and the wider South Island.

To date we have raised more than $10 million dollars and invested that money directly back into our health system. 

When you make a bequest to Māia, you are leaving a legacy directly to your community and future generations. We are simply here to bring your wishes to life. Māia is a strong, respectable organisation. You can have confidence that 100% of the gift you entrust to us will go toward your vision for our future. 

What is the process for making a bequest?

Think about the difference you want to make. Is there a specific service or need you'd like to assist with?  We do recommend you speak with your immediate family about your intention to leave a gift in your will. It will help them understand why this is important to you so they can help us realise your vision. 

You can choose whether you want your bequest recognised. You may be happy for your legacy to be celebrated and shared or wish your gift to remain private - we will work with you to respect your every wish. If you do let us know that you are considering leaving a gift to Māia Health Foundation in your will, this will allow us to acknowledge your wishes, provide you with information and most importantly, to thank you.  

We hope it will be many years before your gift is realised, and it may be that during that time the needs of our health system have changed. So, we encourage you not to be too specific with your gift. You can trust us to ensure that your gift will go towards what is critically needed at the time - so it makes the greatest difference. 

If you would like to talk about including a gift in your will to Māia Health Foundation, please contact Anna Galvan on 021 499 353.

A Lasting Legacy

In 2016 Mr Cyril Smith left a legacy of $20 million to a number of charities in Canterbury, including $2 million to help people with spinal injuries.

The 30-bed Spinal Unit at Christchurch's Burwood Hospital caters for people with spinal injuries from Palmerston North south. The unit was recently redeveloped after earthquake damage and a number of additional features were included, thanks to Mr Smith's bequest.

Each new single room includes a ceiling hoist that travels into the en suite if needed, more floor-space, smart TV monitors, an area for whānau to rest and refresh, and a computer room to stay in touch with friends and family, or to work. The changes make a real difference for both patients and the dedicated staff. Read Mr Smith's story here, or watch the video below to see more of the incredible difference a bequest can make. 

The difference your gift can make - Cyril Smith's legacy

The difference your gift can make - Cyril Smith's legacy

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