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Here for our
community —

Canterbury’s health system needs us. In fact, it needs you too.

We’re bringing our community together to support our health service as it enters the future. Now is the time.

Community health funding has become essential because of growing health pressures around the world. Gifts from people like you are much needed, because there will never be enough funds to do everything we need to in health.

In Canterbury, we’ve got some unique challenges to face, with an older population than the rest of New Zealand. 

On top of that, the CDHB has the largest geographical reach of all health boards. It provides services to people across the South Island and some from the lower North Island.  

And, of course, the Canterbury earthquakes of 2010/2011 added increased real pressure to an already stressed health system.

It’s time for innovative thinking about health funding.

Māia offers a charitable way to improve South Islanders' health experiences. The Foundation is committed to raising $5.2 million in its first two and a half years to support two major projects in Christchurch Hospital’s new building. Projects that will be game changers next time you find yourself using our hospital’s services.

Down the track, we’ll also be funding other health related projects across the Canterbury health system for specific purposes.

What else
does Māia do?

Māia is also responsible for managing many historical CDHB gifts, bringing these together to ensure they have an impact. 

How will my
gifts help?

Our people-centred health system in Canterbury is admired on the international stage. A blend of collaboration across our entire health system.

But the reality is there will never be enough funding to do everything that as a community we want.

Your gift to Māia helps us sustain this innovative, successful health system. It helps as we address a growing and ageing population. It helps us to contribute making our health services even better. And it helps make two vital projects happen for Christchurch Hospital. 

Because if not now, then when?

Got a

Shouldn’t the Government fund all of this?  

There will never be enough money to do everything we need to do in health so Māia Health Foundation is here to contribute to projects which will enhance the Canterbury health system.

Why now?

The projected growth in population and ageing in Canterbury meant that the current hospital facilities would be under pressure in 2018. Add to this, many damaged facilities as a result of the earthquake events and the need for the redevelopment was evident, as was the need to boost funds so we could achieve truly world class health services and facilities.        

Why these projects?

The first two core projects the Māia Health Foundation is supporting will form part of the current redevelopment of Christchurch Hospital.

Where does my money go? Can I choose the project?

Any money donated to the Foundation will go to its intended cause, whether that is to the Foundation's endowment fund or to one of the projects that Māia is supporting.

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